My Learning Link is a Learning Platform aiming to facilitate the management of the learning proragrammes of Schneider Electric
1. Users Personal Data Protection
Schneider Electric strongly supports the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection as well as compliance by business with national and international privacy laws and commits to ensure an adequate level of protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
To enforce the rules regarding personal data protection, Schneider Electric published the Group Data privacy Governance rules which provide common rules for the collection , processing , use , dissemination , transfer and storage of personal data and applicable in all of its entities.

2. The Purpose of Data Collection
Schneider Electric commits to use and store the personal data collected in My Learning Link solely for learning management explicit purpose.

3. Type of Personal Data Collected
Personal data are defined as information which allows identification of the users and which might make it possible to contact them or to manage their learning programmes. These include: employee name, SESA, Bridge HR ID, professional email, professional phone and postal address, organisation entity, department, cost center, job code , direct Manager, business title, permanent or contractor status , gender, starting date in the company, Hr Manager and ID, DVC-non DVC, contract type .
Schneider Electric will only collect the personal data regarding the employees limited to the data relevant and needed to achieve the purpose of learning management .

4. Access to Personal data
The employees personal data are accessible to their direct managers and HR managers on a "need to know" principle and for the purpose of learning management .
Each user access via an individual login and password he or she agrees to maintain strictly confidential.

5. Personal Data storage period
Schneider Electric commits to storing personal data for a limited time, proportionally to the purpose of My Learning Link .

6. Communication of users personal data to Schneider Electric's subsidiaries
Schneider Electric is a global company and the data collected through the Schneider Electric Learning management system may be sent to all of its subsidiaries across the world.

7. Exercising personal data access, correct or remove rights
Users of My Learning Link may exercise their right to access, to their personal data by using his/her individual login and password to enter the learning application.